For the love of Crepes

From US
During my university days, I spent one year abroad in the tiny, coastal town of Aberystwyth, Wales. Our flat was comprised of an international mix of Europeans and Americans, which led to a LOT of food parties.

Benji was our bit crazy, brother-like, frenchie flatmate. After every flat meal, special occasion or just being tired from traveling all day, Benji would whip out his special crepe dough and start flipping the crepes.

We all had a go at the single hand flip, but Benji was by far the master of us all. After the flipping was done, we’d sit down at our small dorm table and delve into the Nutella jar and stack of crepes; each having a special way of folding the crepe almost as if it was origami.

In the end, you need to be a bit wild to flip, right?

The simple, yet devine taste of fresh crepe and nutella reminds me of those long Welsh nights with amazing friends sharing the best year of our lives together.

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