Chocolate truffles meditation

I met Dani during a housing exchange. As she is alive, awake, and talkative, we began telling each other about our ideas and projects. Soon we found that we shared the common belief of creating a locally made product with passion and love that can contribute to the movement of the world.

Chocolate relaxation
Chocolate relaxation for the mind and the soul

At that moment I was completely engaged in the initial phase of my business that would be called Sita Brown and was experimenting with my chocolate truffle recipe at home for the first time.

Later, I would rent a professional space to create and produce in an entrepreneurial, proactive and collaborative kitchen environment.
Dani became interested in the project. She took some photos for me and gave me the possibility to explain Sita Brown Chocolate Truffles and what the concept consisted of.

Sita Brown chocolate truffles: delicacies in exotic flavours such as bergamot and mandarin. Photo by Lucia Zapata
Sita Brown was born in Barcelona from a fusion between the creation of a traditional truffle and  the highest quality.
Through intuition and “heart made”, the purest natural essences are selected which provides flavour and add scent to the “ganache” to obtain the exquisite truffles.
Innovation in the kitchen impassions me, investigating how the primary materials behave, the chocolate, with complimentary flavours such as bergamot and mandarin.

I understand the act of culinary creation as meditation. It turns the kitchen into a methodic laboratory where the measurements, temperatures, and times are exact.

Sita Brown with truffles made in Barcelona aiming to create moments of happiness and pleasure and transform the traditional truffle into a unique and cosmopolitan experience.
Find Sita Brown truffles here:

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