The bunnies BBQ party

Picture is the best method to keep your memory. Whenever I think about the past, they take me there. These ones bring me back to the best ever BBQ party with my UEA family.
At the University of East Anglia (UEA), we always had the best view and places to enjoy our life, around a lake with many bunnies accompanying us.
In the end of May, the weather in the UK is like a girl’s mood, a little bit cold, but waiting anxiously for the sunny days to come.

Good mood, good vibes, and typical brazilian vinaigrette and onion farofa
My foodie friend Dani is indispensable when everyone needs a food party, especially if it is Brazilian BBQ.
We woke up early and went to the colorful Norwich market for the meat and sausage.
Done the first and most important part, we  went to prepare our drinks, snacks and colorful decorations. We still have a sweet girl’s heart.
Like a family, everybody helped a little and brought other BBQ stuffs from their homes.
We talked with each other, taking many many pictures, listening to music, playing guitar, volleyball.
With the attractive smell of the meat, the cold and windy weather did not matter so much. Our family warmed everything up like burning flames.
Selfie time… Many times

Skewers or… Espetinhos! Colour blast. Peppers, tomato, onion and MEAT. The food was delicious. The unforgettable smell…

After the party, someone said ‘ I hope I can spend more time with them, my sweet friends’. Which reminded us that time was going the end our UEA life. So, like the old saying, love is waste time with your lover.

Me and Dani, or Trouble Maker and Hot Mess (bunnies will know)

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