#TBT on a camping adventure heat

Camping less than an hour’s drive from home might not seem like the most exotic of getaways, but the holiday had all the components of a great trip – good food, good friends, and the rarest of British summertime occurrences, sunshine!
It came at a good time – we were all in need of some time out from work, to take a moment to just slow down.
The campsite, located in Weybourne, UK, was only a 10 minute walk from the beach, so naturally we spent most of our time lounging on the beach, kicking a ball around and reading books. It made for a very relaxing time.

Between soaking up the sun and enjoying an ice cream or two, we found the time to cook up some delicious meals on our gas hobs.
We did group shops, split the cost, and then cooked up some phenomenal food with the fruit and veggie scraps going to the three resident pigs, Wood, Brick and Straw. Everyone pitched in, one way or another, chopping or cooking or washing up.

Fajitas worked particularly well, as everyone grabs a tortilla and you can easily go for seconds, but I’d also recommend BBQ food for ease, and the old camping classic, pasta in a sauce.

Waking up very very early to compensate with beauty
Waking up very very early and compensating with beauty
As dusk approached we’d light up a brazier and spend time round the campfire.
One night a few of us agreed to head out for sunrise that morning. We found a spot on the cliff top, and waited for the sun to come up. There’s something very calm about that time of day, and the view was glorious.
It didn’t matter that we weren’t on holiday abroad somewhere, or weren’t even that far from home, we were content.

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