Fashion and design in a Kupkase

I’m Kasey Clarke, and I started Kupkase & Co back in 2013, and I create beautiful, great-tasting cakes for large events and special occasions.

I first started baking as a little kid as something to do at home. Jam tarts, scones, cookies & fairy cakes. But then I got distracted by other pastimes like music, dance and boys!

I didn’t pick up the wooden spoon again till many years later when I made a chocolate fudge cake for a housewarming party and loved it. It was like riding a bike! This time the spoon is firmly gripped in my hand and I’m not letting go.

I find inspiration for baking everywhere. As a bespoke cake stylist I like to challenge myself with the latest techniques and methods being championed in the cake world and also fashion and architecture. They all create little ideas in my head which I grab, collate and try out on my cakes.

Love lemon lush cake pot: temptation in words and flavours
One of these ideas was the Kake Pot, my favourite product to date. It was inspired by an idea that took off in the states of cupcakes in jars. It’s quite a luxurious treat with fluffy sponge, freshly made sauces, coulis and crunchy bits. They make fabulous gifts and never fail to make people smile and feel special. Little pots of heaven I call them.
I definitely bake rather than cook. I can barely toss together a stir fry! But baking I love.
I respect the science of baking, the preciseness, and I love how all the ingredients come together to form delicate sponges which draw smiles from everyone.
Cakes are definitely a food which say, ‘I love you’, and I love that feeling of giving love wrapped in sweet crumbs. It never gets old.

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