25, Feb, it's Carnival! It will be like this. Wanna come?

Dear Cooknst friends,
We are excited to invite you to the Carnival Extravaganza, the first event of the Mixed Sessions, a series of gastronomical and cultural combinations presented by Cooknst.
These thematic experiences beautifully located at The Baldwin Gallery, in Blackheath, South London, will take place
every two months throughout the year showcasing international culture alongside artistic performances, special dishes and treats.
The kick off is this 25th February, 7pm. 
And it highlights the vibrating atmosphere of the Brazilian Carnival. We will put together traditional food, amazing music and hosts, a bit of glamour and a contemporary touch.

Samba, cachaça, moqueca, glitter, fun, good energy, creative people and interesting art. What more can you want for an elegant Carnival night?

Now it’s time to prepare yourself. Grab your ticket here, choose your sparkling accessories and get the party started!
See you there!!!
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