Let's celebrate the spring together!

Hello you!
It’s with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to the second edition of our Cooknst Mixed Sessions on the 29th April, 7pm, at The Baldwin Gallery. Just to remind, this is our series of happenings showcasing international culture, ambience and soulful dishes.
Most importantly, the Mixed Sessions are special events to bring together curious people in an informal, artsy and foodie glowing environment. It is a moment to share and live the comfort food experience to the fullest, blended with great music and art.
Flower Power is inspired by the beauty of the Spring. Finally, the time of the year arrived to kiss our cheeks with sun, flowery scents and herbal aromas.

Our seasonal exhilaration led us to a mood filled with herbs and freshness to design the menu, delightful drinks and a live performance that will embrace your time travel.

As always, there are a lot of cute stories surrounding our table.
We will have a trio performing sing-along 60’s and 70’s songs. They are those kind of tracks that when you listen, you end up finding yourself mumbling them happily all day.
Les Silvers is a three piece of experienced musicians from Belgium. Emile, Paul and Sébastien are old mates who have been playing together in the Belgian rock scene for almost 10 years. 
We are very proud to confess that we threw the sparkle for this new format. This is the acoustic version of the Amazing Silver Swallows band. They come here with 2 guitars, contra-bass and voices to perform a set list with the best of the 60’s and 70’s. 
And then there is Janaina Campoy, our host, brazilian, passionate about adding positive energy to her recipes. She welcomes you with two of the three-courses. Versatile as she is, she will also be treating you with unexpected drinks.
To start the meal, a baked camembert served with artisanal, sided by melon and prosciutto skewers.
A colourful garden risotto with courgette, pea, asparagus  mint, parmesan and herbal olive oil is the main dish, well-accompanied by baked mushrooms and an endive, pomegranate salad. 
Our spring drinks are: Wild Petal Wine with rosé and White Wine Infusion (fresh rosemary, mint, lemon zest and frozen grapes). 

Viva Viva Viva!
Then there is the close up: Viva Koko, a big hit at our first Mixed Sessions last February, will grace the night with a surprise dessert. 
Expect  a night to celebrate and share good feelings through music, food, art and great people.
We are waiting for you!

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