Pssst… We've got news: Save 1 July night for us!

Almost 2 weeks after the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions… So much happiness and joy, positive feedback and fun stories to tell. What a great time, with some unforgettable after hours! For all of you that have not experienced a Mixed Sessions yet, worry no more! There is one coming up just for you.
This date will definitely be mythical for Cooksnt history: 1st July, sunny summer embracing us, same fabulous The Baldwin Gallery (London), another theme, another inspiration. Stay close!
Soon we will unfold details of the ingredients for this brand new edition of the Mixed Sessions. Expect something gorgeous and exquisitely delicious!
While waiting for Cooknst alchemy, I would like to invite you once again to join me on this 70s memory line through the Flower Power night.
And yes, please, feel free to dress up! We love it!

People 6
Kiki Machado, who made the fantastic Tapioca + Rye bread, and Giulliano Spitaletti, jewellery designer.
People 3
Dennison Smith, fabulous founder of the Baldwin Gallery in green and Dina Ipavic gracing Cooknst with her energy.
Band 2
Les Silvers playing 60’s and 70’s Flower Power songs!
Cook 1
Janaína Campoy, who designed the menu and Caco Barros, right hand in the kitchen – and later on, both hands on the guitar during the Flower Power after hours.
Sarah Birch (right), founder of Viva Koko, who created the perfect closure for the night: a chocolate pot with strawberries. Hmmm….
Our table and the stars of the night!
Our table and the stars of the night!
People 4
Cooknst founder, Daniela Paiva, and the amazing JL!
See you 1 July!
See you 1 July!

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