Keep calm and drink champagne before coffee

The culture of coffee shops – or cafés – goes beyond French borders and is becoming a universal thing. Pass by a coffee shop and look around. Everything is happening: a dating begins, another ends, deals are closed, deals are broken. There are people who laugh, smile, cry, shut up or watch all this!
Do Rio Pra Cá globetrotters tell you which their favourite coffees are. What about yours?
This is one of my favourite places in Munich! 
Munich coffee
Everyone considers Germany as “the land of beer.” But a few people know that coffee is one of the most consumed drink in the country: almost 150 litters a year, surpassing even the consumption of beer or wine. So, if English people drink tea, Germans drink coffee.
I love to discover some cafes just to be able to see the life around. In Munich, I am a fan of Cotidiano, a well located organic bakery with a great coffee. If you are one of those who wishes to escape from the city center, just take a 10-minute walk from Marienplatz and cross the Viktualienmarkt market. The whole region near Cotidiano is called Gärtnerplatz and very popular for its various cafes and bars.

The place is charming, rustic in style and always full of people. However, if the breakfast queue is large, they serve free champagne for you to enjoy while you wait. Not bad, right?

do rio
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