Who's coming to our Summer of Freedom, 1/7, in London?

It all started with Nina Miranda, this gorgeous brazilian-british singer who has just released her new album, ‘Freedom of Movement’. This title, so well put in times like these, brought us to create a night to celebrate diversity, liberty, cultural exchange… To celebrate THE POWER OF NEW CONNECTIONS.
Nina Miranda Freedom of Movement
Nina’s story bridges different spaces, languages, cultures and inspirations. She has built her career in between Brazil and London, tropical, pop and trip hop sounds, visual arts and music. As a singer, she is know for bands such as Smoke City (with the hit ‘Underwater Love’ pushed to stardoom by Michael Gondry’s Levi’s advert in 1997), Shrift and Zeep.
Crossing genres and blending them into an unique vibrant and soft sound, she collaborated with a variety of artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Basement Jaxx, Bebel Gilberto, Jah Wobble, Nação Zumbi, Baaba Maal, Troubleman, Seu Jorge & Gilles Peterson.
She will be accompanied by Antony Elvin in a performance that will have many surprises spiced up by a bit of humour. When sharing the stage, Antony and Nina very often improvise with what is happening at that moment – it might be an inspiration from their personal lives, or even from something going on during the show!
Within just a few weeks out, ‘Freedom of Movement’ has already received positive reviews comparing her performance to artists such as Carla Bruni.
Freedom of Movement is Miranda’s way of reintroducing herself to the world as both a singer and performer, an album that revels in experimentation, but doesn’t shy away from embracing tradition. It’s Miranda building bridges between cultures, defining both her sound, and her place in the world.”
Listen to Freedom of Movement here.
Janaína Campoy hosting the kitchen at our last Mixed Sessions.
Janaína Campoy hosting the kitchen at our last Mixed Sessions
Our super star host of the kitchen is Janaína Campoy, who has been bringing light and joy to the menu of the Mixed Sessions.
She expresses her personal interpretation for Freedom of Movement, with a gorgeous Spanish meal, including gaspacho, grilled asparagus with jamón, prawn rice with saffron and vanilla ice cream with orange syrup.
There is more: We will serve an exquisite sangria and a welcome drink to surprise you since the beginning!
On top of that, Jan has lots of family stories to share related to this menu!!.
 The place, you know: the gorgeous The Baldwin Gallery, currently with the exhibition First Nations Now: Between Worlds, featuring indigenous contemporary art from Canada’s Northwest Pacific Coast to the Arctic.
Keen to join us ? Direct link to grab the tickets: http://summeroffreedom.eventbrite.co.uk
Still thinking? Check out our complete programme:
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 See you there!

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