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A mere forty minutes from Charing Cross in central London, is my house in Kent.
A place where we can History and where incredible places are just a short drive or walk away. The White Cliffs of Dover, the river Ouse, where Virginia Woolf took her own life, her country house, Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon first love nest , the house of Anne and Mary Boleyn, the house where Arthur Conan Doyle shaped his Sherlock Holmes sotories and more and some of the tresures in the Kentish and East Sussex countryside.

But, if History is not your cup of tea, you discover the area and enjoy good cuisine and some good wine. Spread around Kent are the best wineries in England, which now compete internationally with the French neighbours.

But my article is for a more modest reason. By chance, here is one of my favourite coffee shops. I’m a coffee shop addicted. Writing is what I do for a living, and cafes are a source of ideas (the word inspiration is overrated!)

Basil's Coffee
How can one resist such a bite of inspiration!
A local store, Basil’s Café has attractive prices and maintains an unpretentious facade combined with rustic charm and generous food. The quiches are delicious and full of flavours. My favourite is the pumpkin and mushrooms, fresh and hot from the oven!

But my morning glory has to be Basil’s yogurt pot. A bowl of plain yogurt with raspberry jam, fresh red berries and a granola that tastes like no other. In fact, it seems that the ingredient has already got people wondering, since the granola has become the house’s secret and nobody knows neither how it is made nor where it comes from.

Yesterday I went there with my daughter. She had a hot chocolate and I went for the yogurt pot. Then I snatched the granola and kept thinking: I do not care where it comes from or how it is made. What matters is that it never ends!
56 St John’s Road
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent, TN4 9NY
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