Our trip to the Summer of Freedom experience

 Think a crowd wrapped around a journey to a place where music flows intensively and beautifully through veins, skin and muscles.
Nina and the crowd
Think bowls and bowls of patatas bravas, asparagus with jamón quickly wiped of the table, fresh gaspacho, shrimp rice with saffron especially brought from Spain, an orange bliss to the ice cream, a chocolate delight to close.
Think happiness, joy, drinking, chatting, eating, meeting, drinking, singing, eating, exchanging, eating… Living differently and unexpectedly!!!
_1060260 (1)
Asparagus & prosciutto: a star
People, conversation, great moments and so much more:
This was the Summer of Freedom edition of the Mixed Sessions presenting a combination of ingredients brought by an amazing group of passionate hosts: the super talented singer Nina Miranda and the fantastic singer, songwriter and musician Antony Elvin and the superb Cookinista Janaína Campoy doing her unique alchemy on the drinks & menu.
All completed with the special support from Rodrigo Borges in the kitchen and the delicious handmade chocolate brand Viva Koko.
And there is the Baldwin Gallery with its artistic beauty and great talent surrounding everything perfectly.
The Mixed Sessions are a seasonal project led by Cooknst. They are themed dinner parties blending art, food, people and stories, and take place every two months at the gorgeous Baldwin Gallery.
If you’ve missed this one, we feel your pain. At least you will have the chance to come to the next one, on 30 September. Completely different, but as exciting and outstanding as the Summer of Freedom.
Photos by the fabulous Oceana Masterman-Smith. _1060488
Enjoy always and see you on the next Mixed Sessions!

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