Ladies and gentlemen: the Naked Boteco

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Our FIRST EVER IN-HOUSE experience.
Our FIRST EVER 100 foodfriends moment.
Vicki Johnson taking care of a crazy beef sandwinch
Vicki Johnson taking care of a crazy beef sandwich
It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Cooknst as a company with a diverse set of experiences and products connected to bring people together through the passion for food, art and culture!!!
Yes, WE DID IT! We prepared a special event for a special company which we love, feel inspired by and follow closely.
A few months ago, we literally knocked on Naked Wines door to talk about Cooknst and what we were doing, what we wanted to do, our future, our most delicious dreams.
And it turns out, as you can imagine, that one of the dreams was to heat up our minds to create a recipe of an unforgettable feast for the innovative and exciting Naked Wines team.
So we got them hungry for the idea!!!!
And we found ourselves with a very ‘go crazy’ briefing, a budget, and a perfect in-house umbrella event called Free Food Friday.
That’s how a group of Cooknst mad passionate food lovers, which we named Los ANGELes trio (got it?), got together to design a brazilian feast for Naked Wines.
We present you the Los ANGELes trio:
See you 1 July!
Creative (and a bit crazy) minds boiling together to shape a happy food moment
The super fantastic Janaína Campoy, great cook & marketing professional specialised in making people happy through spices and flavours who could not be there in person, but was an essential ingredient for the creative process;
The super multitalented Caco Barros, beautiful singer, songwriter, guitarist, superb cook, drinks connoisseur….

And me, your crazy feast entrepreneur lover who truly believes in the power of sharing food to bring us together!

Anyway, together we designed the Naked Boteco pop up event for the Free Food Friday at the Naked Wines headquarters with a mix of drinks, food and gorgeous music!!!!
This happened last 21st July:
Naked Boteco 9
Time for Caco playing a set of brazilian music
Our inspiration was to bring the boteco experience to Naked Wines. Boteco is a typical brazilian bar with some easy-going food, cool live music, cachaça and a good vibe.
We came up with a tradition for the menu, ‘carne louca’ (crazy beef) sandwich, with Caco’s fantastic twist – chive leaves – besides peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, bay leaves.
There was a veggie option with long aubergines, courgette, peppers and sesame.
A reddish, tomatoes, lettuce and roasted cashew nuts salad was also served with yogurt and mint dressing.

Cassava (or manioc, or mandioca) fried with parmesan and parsley on top that took forever to fry, but was so worth it!
And Viva Koko tasting to sweet even more that Friday!
Top all of that with Caco Barros incredible voice and guitar skills to interpret classical brazilian music and original songs. And it just becomes a FABULOUS moment!!!!

Prep for the crazy beef sandwich
Prep for the crazy beef sandwich
Yes, we served caipirinha and cachaça at their wine based home! And we all enjoyed it together!
Caipirinha with Yaguara
Caipirinha with Yaguara
Naked Boteco had the cooking, serving and sharing support of Vicki Johnson (brit), illustrator, graphic designer, musician and excellent cook; KC Goutham (indian), student, IT geek and fantastic chopper; Mari Tozzato (brazilian), photographer, videomaker and the best multitask you can get, and Sebastien Nightingale (belgian), musician, critic taster and the largest fan of mandioca on earth. What a team! Many hours chopping, tasting, planning, listening to music and sharing stories.
Such a breakthrough food moment. We are proud to share it with you. Enjoy!

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