Rebecca Freeman and her gorgeous food watercolours

Hertfordshire, UK
I’m Rebecca and I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have always had a passion for art and I enjoy experimenting with colours to bring my thoughts and ideas to life.
My practice is mainly in watercolour, but I am always creating little pen sketches of places, animals, and objects from wherever I venture off to.
I studied English Language and Creative writing at Lancaster University and I studied Art at A-Level, which is where I first began to develop my love for watercolour painting.

One of the themes I focus on is food, because it is something that everyone likes. People can look at my paintings and imagine their favourite lunch or dinner, and it might inspire them to make or buy something like it.

I also take photos of coffees, teas and food in cafés if I like the way they have been set out or if I like the way a cake or teacup looks, and it then inspired me to create quick watercolour sketches from the photos.

I love seeing little drawings of food on cards in shops, so I decided I would try something similar, I love showing the complex flavours of the foods through splashes of vibrant colour.

Recently I was given the idea of painting a breakfast for each day of the week, so each day I painted different breakfast foods such as porridge and jam on toast, and then I posted them onto my Facebook page each morning with the day of the week written on them.
As well as this I have also merged foods such as fruit into some of my abstract floral paintings to create a summery, fresh aura to the pieces.
One of my favourite dishes would be a lasagne, I love eating it and I love making it. I also love colourful salads and hummus, because they’re delicious and refreshing – especially to have in the sunshine!

More of her sweet beauties.
More of her sweet beauties.
I have cooked things such as stir-fry’s and pastas as they’re nice and simple and you can just throw in lots of nice vegetables and a sauce.
I often bake birthday cakes for friends and family, for these I usually make Victoria sponges and I decorate them with ready to roll icing. My favourite part of cake making is designing and decorating them, I have recently made an Easter bunny one, a cake in the shape of a stegosaurus, a rainbow cake, and I even made my own birthday cake this year which was decorated with edible flowers!

What I love about food is that you can be creative with recipes or cakes you make, you can entwine art and food together which is what I feel I do in my watercolours.

We have the great pleasure to announce that Rebecca Freeman will collaborate with Cooknst creating themed watercolours especially for us. You can purchase her fabulous work by sending an email to us on . 

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