What will you dress for Capitu Comes to London?

I came here from England for my brother’s wedding. I am a bride’s maid, and there is, of course, a dress code. Playing around with clothes for all the occasions around the wedding made me think about Cooknst pop up events and dinner parties.
Since the first edition of the Mixed Sessions, our seasonal project blending live music, art, food, stories and people, there is always something special about planning what to wear.
As themed events, they naturally bring gentle suggestion for the dress code. For the Carnival Extravaganza edition in February, which you can remember here, the crowd really got into the party spirit.
And even though we had some accessories available on that night, some people took over the moment in their own style, like the gorgeous girl on the top of the page that arrived with this amazing  jewellery make up.

Me, my shiny heat and the party accessories at the Carnival Extravaganza edition of the Mixed Sessions.
Our cookinista Janaína Campoy has a peculiar pleasure on choosing her outfits for our pop events. In a way, it is one more expressions of her creativity for the theme.
Take her red shoes for the Summer of Freedom edition of the Mixed Sessions (full story on that evening here). Elegant and sexy, a lot like her Spanish food inspired menu.
And if you ask her about the heels, she might confess that it actually makes her life easier during the cooking.
Janaína Campoys shoes’ at the Summer of Freedom edition of the Mixed Sessions.

I’m 38 years old, and I don’t go out as often as I used to. And when I go out, there are not that many opportunities to be a little bit more adventurous on your looks. It’s either too formal, or totally informal. So feeling just beautiful is enough. But I feel that this ‘beautiful’ concept can be blend, if you know what I mean.

Dennison Smith, owner of the Baldwin Gallery, dresses up to feel nothing less than  fabulous.
I love the Mixed Sessions exactly because there is always some kind of inspiration to be bold and creative. It’s not only about looking good, comfortable, beautiful. It’s about having fun and enjoying every little part of it.
I wonder how our guests will dress for our next Mixed Sessions, Capitu comes to London, 30th September, at the Baldwin Gallery (find tickets here). And what will be mine.
Maybe a mix of cultural references?
Pics by Juliana Carnelos And Oceana Masterman-Smith


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