Anastasia is on a 'Granny' mission, and you can be part

Grand Dishes is a cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers from all over the world.
Inspired by our own grandmothers, Grand Dishes is now live on Unbound, the crowdfunded publisher behind Letters of Note. 

Iska is a chef and I a journalist – both of us have fairly strong and stoic grandmothers that show us their love through the delicious food they make.

Anastasia’s Grandma Yiayia table: Seabass + Skordalia Dip
This has inspired us to create a cookbook dedicated to the recipes of grandmothers worldwide.

We need your help to make this book happen.

Grand Dishes is not a book about being old; it’s a book about what it’s like to have lived. It’s a cookbook that preserves; an interaction between generations, a sharing of stories most powerfully told through the recipes that have seasoned these grandmothers’ lives.
We use a photographer that shoots exclusively on medium format film, capturing a moment to beautiful effect and using technology the grandmothers recognise and are familiar with.
This is a coffee table-worthy cookbook rich with stories, elegant portraiture and diverse recipes from 30 women.
You can help make this project happen and serve up these grandmothers stories by pledging here on Unbound.
Cooknst did!!!

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