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Pop My Mind began life as a music platform called SoundShoots. Having stopped my teaching career early due to illness, my dad suggested that I start an internet project so I could have a focus again as well as having flexibility in my daily life.
During University my main passion was music so, naturally, I came up with project ideas based around music. I noticed that most platforms either hosted or monetised people’s existing music and so I thought it would be more interesting to utilise the power of the internet to help inspire people to create new music; SoundShoots was born.
Having ran SoundShoots at home for 18 months I was then contacted by artists, poets and photographers  who wanted to buy into the same concept.
Around the same time I met a key angel investor and, together, we decided to evolve SoundShoots into a platform that inspired creative people of all disciplines to create imaginative new work, enter Pop My Mind!
Oliver Squirrel, the creator of Pop My Mind, paid attention to this artistic calling.
Now with 600 artists and partnering brands on board (who use Pop My Mind to inspire alternative creative content for commercial projects), Pop My Mind has grand ambitions.
I love the daily life of managing Pop, it’s such a wonderful team to be a part of and fulfilling to know that we are making a difference to creatives in the form of helping to expand their practice and providing worthwhile commercial opportunities.
Here’s to an exciting future!
Pop My Mind is Cooknst collaborator bringing foodie as well as special themed artwork to our platform and experiences. Rebecca Freeman and Rosie Groom, who have been featured here and here, are part of the collective.

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