Best ingredient to our feast: Collaboration

On the way to the end of 2017. Time to start reviewing ingredients, remembering the best moments. Oh, yeah, and prep for last – but NEVER LEAST – feast of the year.
I can’t help but to feel extremely thankful and grateful for witnessing the growth of such a busy kitchen!!!!
By kitchen I mean the virtual one, here, at this blog and our Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter (@cooknst_uk) and Instagram (@cooknst).
I also mean the real one, where everything boils together and turns Cooknst ingredients into a real feast.
Well, as a result of this cooking, we came up with two foodie moments – or products, because we are a venture and need to be able to feed ourselves: the Mixed Sessions and the Special Sessions, which I will talk about it some other time.

But nothing. Really, nothing at all could have been possible without a key ingredient for us to start Cooking our New Story: collaboration.

Along this year, Cooknst found like-minded people driven by the true will of enabling cultural exchange, growth and life-changing experiences – in our case, the means for that is, of course, through the passion for food.

These people became collaborators, partners in the crime of sprinkling happiness!!! And by adding their fabulous ingredients, they transformed us.

It might sounds obvious, but in a world that tries to rip us apart, I feel that having the chance to work and co-create, exploring the potential of combining different approaches but similar principles to build something that can make a difference – in a day, an evening, hopefully in a life – is, for sure, a huge privilege.
And it makes me proud to see this as moving forward, to the future, instead of being stuck in a conservative pattern or old-fashioned scene.
Cheers to you all, Cooknst superb and dearest Friends!
All of you captured on the following pictures or not. And, OMG, it is SO GREAT to say that there are so many!!! Pop My Mind, Tea Agency, TechVelocity, Viva Koko, Do Rio pra Cá, Capitolina Books, Sommelier UK, Naked Wines, Leo Almeida, Juliana Carnelos, Oceana Masterman-Smith, Rodrigo Borges, Mari Tozzato, Vicki Johnson, Rebecca Freeman, Ronia Kriskò-Alves, Luiz Felipe Araújo, Ian Campoy…
All the super talented artists, Nina Miranda, Les Silvers, 2 Blend, Antony Elvin, Cecilia Stalin and so many others…
And so many more to come!!!
Ingredients of a DELICIOUS recipe! THANK YOU!!!!

Julia La Ronde, from the gorgeous coconut brand Sisserou
Janaína Campoy, our cookinista of the Mixed Sessions at The Baldwin Gallery
Dennison Smith, owner of The Baldwin Gallery, one of the homes of the Mixed Sessions in London
The crew from the last Mixed Sessions, in September, at The Baldwin Gallery
Caco Barros & me at the Special Sessions for Naked Wines. No, I’m not singing – thank God, we had Caco double-shifting, which means cooking and playing beautifully
Enjoy. ALWAYS!

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