China meets France. Coco #tbt poetic foodie trip

French cuisine gets its share of praise. Me and my best Taiwan friend Ian went to France in May 2016, our French foodie trip. The best experience was in a small restaurant in Paris. This was our last stop.
We forgot the name of the restaurant, but we will never forget the touching feeling during that day.

Both of us were covered by sunshine at that morning when we met this place, which looked like there was something very special coming. We found this restaurant at a corner of a quiet street.

The starter made us inspired. I saw my friend’s face waking up by the amazing dish when his eyes flashed.
It had small beans, fresh mushroom and a warm and silky taste.

Yummy and delicate.
The main dish was the offer of that day; both were meat with local vegetable, fresh and tender:
The most beautiful experience was the dessert. The sunshine sparkling on the table…
Shadow, sunshine and taste
There was an old couple seating beside us, they looked like they were celebrating. The lady had happiness written in her face. The cute gentleman smiled all the time. Food and true love.
The taste was heavenly. The memory, just irreplaceable.

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