The coffee habit I acquired in Lisbon

I never had a taste for coffee, but an appreciation was born in Portugal.
With pure flavor (I do not like to sweeten coffee, tea or juice – it takes away all the real flavor), the habit came indirectly from a routine: to absorb knowledge, to have my own time and that second to think, reflect, read…
A false and noisy silence, if you know what I mean.
I believe Lisbon is the city with the most cafes that I have ever been. And it was entering Versailles, a traditional place with a beautiful architecture and stories that are part of my thinking scene, that the curiosity mixed with the myth of how this custom appeared, sharpened inside me.

Úrsula learned how to bring a coffee pause to her life.
It was an identification with something far distant. Soon came the true story of cafes, a trip to the eighteenth/sixteenth century. So close for the same reasons of how the habit of looking for a good coffee came into my life.
We are always together and mixed up! No matter the time or space.

Art and knowledge bring everybody together, united for a good chat and coffee!

Úrsula Corona writes for Do Rio Pra Cá, Cooknst collaborator. Translation by Daniele Aronque. 

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