And then Winter came, delightful!

The last edition of the Mixed Sessions at The Baldwin Gallery of 2017, our Winter Delight on 9th December!!!
It was perfectly as we expected… cosy and intimate, sweet and delicious, warm and happy.
I have to say that it was challenging this month, December, with busy schedules, lazy weather, less rhythm.

However, while we met, chatted, ate and enjoyed together, the group of guests and hosts talked about the future. Which, of course, will be delicious. Because that’s what we do.

Nothing like exchanging foodies stories over a glass of wine and a full-hearted dinner.
Gorgeous pea, celery & mint soup to start!
Bread and the sicilian Soprano olive oil, from Olivaverde, to start!
Emilia Martensson and her exceptional guitarist Luca Boska got into our pace and mixing dishes with music, each course gently blessed with a 3, 4 set of beautiful songs.
Oh, yes, they played one of my favourite of all times, 50 ways to leave your lover. So much personality in Emilia’s gentle and soulful interpretation.
Janaína Campoy in the kitchen, well, what could you expect? So much richness to her white wine creamy chicken, potatoes and green beans.
Her banoffee… was just pure joy.
Janaína and her right hand in kitchen, and in life: her super friendly son.
We also had the amazing The Sommelier UKwho brilliantly took upon the challenge of pairing the wine to the dinner and brought flavour, balance and excitement to each course.
You will hear more about this choices soon. As well as Foodographyco, who generously took the fabulous pictures of the night.
More to come, dears, just wait!!!
Now get warm.
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