Back to working and cooking new stories for 2018!

Cooknst is back to work after a little break. Hands on the prep for what promises to be a breakthrough year, we are almost ready to start Cooking New Stories in 2018.
I’ve been reviewing 2017 during these last few days, looking for how to improve and make the best of a Cooknst experience.
As a brand new business, there has been a lot of learning, exchanging and growing along the first year.
Many new personal chapters for me as founder of Cooknst.
I’m fresh meat in many worlds – the entrepreneurial environment, the business system, the food industry… On top of that, I’m still discovering the Brit land, where Cooknst is based, and its rythm.
Most of all, among the challenges as a new (ad)venture, I can say that the biggest and the most delicious reward is to have the sense that Cooknst is becoming a community of people that share a similar passion for food and stories.
People that get excited and talkative in a positive manner when food is around, no matter if it is in front of them, between conversations or as a pop up window on the screen of a phone.

pumpkin spiced late
One of my autumn favourites: this pumpkin spiced latte watercolour by Rebecca Freeman.
In numbers and as a service company, this means that in 2017 we had 6 Mixed Sessions in two different settings – the gorgeous Baldwin Gallery in London, and at Julia La Ronde’s colourful and warm home in Norwich.
Julia is the owner of the rum brand Sisserou. You can read her story here. This Mixed Session edition over was named Women of the World.
All to praise women who pursue happiness wherever they are. After all, happiness is in you, isn’t it? We carry it.
Around 100 guests came to our dinner parties, establishing the Mixed Sessions as a pop up event format blending heartfelt food with art, music and even books in a creative and innovative way.
We had unforgettable editions such as this one, inspired by the launch of the online bookshop Capitolina Books, a brave entrepreneurship initiative from the Brazilian author Nara Vidal.

When Capitu came to London to meet us

Cooknst transformed an ordinary Friday lunch at the headquarters of Naked Wines into a Brazilian boteco with bossa nova, caipirinha and crazy beef sandwich. Naked Boteco was our first private event – yes, we also create bespoke experiences for corporate companies.

Back to work cooking new stories
Cooking new stories with Yaguara and Viva Koko.
Sharing some more fatty numbers, this blog had up to 70,000 visits. Organically, by word of mouth, foodieship, participation… The community grows every day. But more than the fatty numbers, it grows consistently. My mission and compromise to this year is to connect the most interesting cookinistas to you!!!
As said many times, and will be said more, Cooknst recipe has collaboration as a main ingredient. They are the ones who bring their stories and make it all happen.
Janaína Campoy is the very first to carve and simmer the experiences with Cooknst offering to us dishes that are fulfilled with family love and also co-creating.
Back to work cooking new stories
Janaína Campoy hosting the kitchen at our Mixed Sessions.
It’s time to expand.
Fly a bit higher, spread our tentacles and gather more passionate people. We have new collaborations coming such as Foodographyco and Olivaverde, whom you’ve been hearing in bits and pieces. There are new pop up homes – and the ones we loved so much.
New stories to come to life.
So, as we say, grab a seat. Stay close, invite others. Talk about Cooknst. Talk to us!!!
This year will be cooked especially for you.
Cheers and enjoy, always!

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