3 passions ebullition. Meet Foodographyco

Hello, my name is Manuel Gonzalez de Uzqueta. I was born and bred in a town near Madrid, Spain called Majadahonda.

Food meets Photography

Growing up, food was at the heart of my family life, and photography has been a passion of mine since my teens.
Having worked as a chef in England for many years, I felt drawn to capturing the many elements of the kitchen through photography, and Foodographyco was born.


I normally work between Norfolk, London and Madrid, on different projects that involve food, photography and documentary.
Documenting food and people has become my passion, and I am keen to travel far and wide, if there is a good story to tell.
I find photography a great vehicle for my curiosity, and I love learning, sharing and working with people who love what they do.

Check out Foodographyco’s photos for our Winter Delight .

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