A taste of Porto between slices of bread

In Porto, Portugal, it’s a singular experience stroll through its streets and feel the vibe of the city in each corner. You can find a little of everything there: churches, monasteries, museums, castles, gardens and amazing food.

The sandwich icon in the city is the Francesinha

“Little Frenchie”, in English. The recipe has been created by Daniel David Silva, a portuguese emigrant that has lived during some years in France. The francesinha is based on the classic french “croque-monsieur”.
BUT the creator idea adapted the ingredients of that french toast to the taste and gastronomic culture of Porto.
Between two slices of bread layered, wet-cured ham, pork, bacon, smoked sausage and beef. All is covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce, and finished with or without a fried egg on top and served with a mountain of french fries on the side.
The traditional tomato sauce is ‘beerorange’.
Other famous sandwich in that city has been made since 2004 at Casa Guedes. It’s an unforgettable experience to try it.
The “sandes”, how they call sandwiches in Porto, is prepared with a very, very slow cooked pork leg, with or without cheese from Serra da Estrela, and served in a hot rustic bread.
The Francesinha roughly costs around €6,50, it’s served in many bars and cafes over the city. At Casa Guedes, the pork leg Sandes costs around €3,20 and €4,20 (with or without cheese).
Because it is very important to determine if it is cheese in or out of your plate!
Highly recommendable: chilling a little afterwards.
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