A lazy kind of Panna Cotta

Every now and again I like to create new recipes from the classics, using just the ingredients I have in my kitchen. Little bit lazy to go out and shop I’ve found a pack of frozen mixed berries, single cream, powdered gelatin and sugar. Voilà! Why not a kind of panna cotta?
That simple 4 ingredients recipe. It’s beautifully easy to make. If you are asking how can so few ingredients yield such a delicious dessert? My suggestion is try it, and surprise yourself and your friends.

panna cotta
A touch of mint adds colour and freshness.


350g frozen mixed berries
1 envelope of powdered gelatine –  flavor strawberry or raspberry
200ml single cream
2 tsp sugar


Place the single cream into a pan and bring to simmer. Add the sugar, and stir to combine. Leave it to cool into the fridge.
Thaw the frozen berries into a pan and set it over low heat. As the berries defrost, they will begin to weep, creating liquid in the bottom of the pan. Stir continuously until the juices are released from the berries.
Add the powdered gelatine and stir until the powdered gelatine has dissolved. Set aside to cool down.


Place the berries jelly or the white cream at the bottom of the glasses. Spoon a dollop of the white cream or the berries jelly on top. For decoration, you can top each glass with fresh mint. Cover them and place into the fridge for at least an hour, until set.

A suggestion: play around with layers to make it more fun!
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