This is the story of the açaí berry mix AmaVida

We are AmaVida, which means Love Life! 

We are Rayder Machado and Vinicius Frigo. I’m Rayder and I migrated from Brazil to London in 2005 and Vinicius migrated in 2010.
We are both inspired by the belief that everything in life has a reason and that we were meant to come to London. Attracted to the beauty of opportunity that London has, we saw the chance to travel and be successful.

How it all began

Our paths crossed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts at Roger Gracie Academy and instantly we formed a mutual bond over health, fitness, global issues and martial arts. We both had the desire to build a business that had a sustainable and positive socio-economic impact. 
With the exotic Pitaya added to the mixture.
We wanted a better world and though our business the ability to help others and our country, AmaVida is a step towards the dream of making our world more positive.  
We chose to supply Açaí bowls because they are hugely popular with Surfers and Footballers in Brazil due to their highly nutritional values. We also discovered that for the natives of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, Açaí is one of the most important staple foods in their diet.

Açaí Berry Mix

Furthermore the sale of the Açaí Berry plays an enormous import role against deforestation for the Amazon Rainforest, natives would now pick the berry as opposed to cutting rainforest trees as their primary way of earning and we hope to support this with their own sales of Açaí berry.
A couple of years ago, health and wellness communities began to see the benefits of Açaí many in Brazil were benefitting from. It quickly became the number one superfood in the world!
Our mission is to encourage a mindful, healthy lifetyle and share our passion for soulful foods by offering products which are organic, fair trade, rich in nutrients, and tasty! Impacting a sustainable and social transformation where our products come from!
Through the sales of our superfoods we also promote our philosophy.
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