Everybody ❤️s Budapest food experience, incl. our Rebecca

My name is Rebecca and I am currently a third year History student at UEA. Over the past month I have been working as admin and assistant for Cooknst. While being with Cooknst I have been thinking about food and how we experience it a lot more.

Food Experience in Budapest

While on a trip to Budapest, Hungary I was able to experience different types and food and step out of my comfort zone.
One thing that Hungary is most famous for is Goulash, which is a Hungarian Stew, it’s like English stews but with a few added spices!
When we arrived, we went exploring, taking some awesome pictures across the Danube river, however within a few hours of walking, we realised Budapest is a lot colder than the UK and had our first Goulash of the trip and a hot fruit drink.

Buda + Pest

Stunning view claiming long walks and opening the appetite.
The next day, after a good night sleep we decided to trek in the snowing river to the other older part of the city.  Budapest used to be two cities, with the older imperial city known as Buda on one side of the Danube and the new industrial city known as Pest on the other.

They joined together in the nineteenth century to make Budapest, however in preparation for the trip we needed something hot and sweet, we had what can best be described as hot doughnut rings coated in sugar, known as Kürtőskalács. We brought a cinnamon and coconut one.

We arrived at the other side to see a magnificent castle and bastion and the snow made it even more magical!
On my last night in Budapest we asked for a selection of different type of stews, including lamb, beef and Venison. By far my favourite was Venison Stew, the taste was so creamy and brilliant in the cold weather to warm you up.

Bringing back great foodie memories. 
It was nice to have one final taste of Budapest to take home back to England with me. It’s a city where the tastes and the views will never be forgotten.
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