Rebecca's take on our foodie art collaboration

Our foodie artist Rebecca Freeman wrote about our collaboration on her blog here. Thank you SO MUCH Rebecca for joining us. It has been delightful to get inspired with your work!
Cooknst (Cooking New Stories) is a great place for those who enjoy cooking and all things to do with food and culture! It first started when three friends came together and since then, they have blossomed into a wonderful platform filled with foodie stories and experiences for us to enjoy!
‘We want to sprinkle our recipe and inspire others to connect by the love of food’
Last year I was really excited to be asked to collaborate with Cooknst by painting some food themed watercolours for their social media pages. Over the last few months, the founder, Daniela, has been giving me a range of fun and interesting topics and I have been painting something for each of them.
These are some of the themes:
Good morning

A food that puzzles me is…

Wishful thinking

What I love most about winter is…

Once I finish each painting, I send them over to Daniela, who has very kindly been posting my paintings onto their Facebook and Instagram pages, along with some lovely messages.
One of my favourite themes would be ‘A taste of Spring.’ As soon as this theme was mentioned to me, I instantly imagined a lots of vibrant, colourful fruit and vegetables and it inspired me to paint this piece:

I also really enjoyed the theme ‘September favourite flavours’. I chose to paint carrot and coriander soup because it made me think of starting to wrap up warm as it gets a bit colder. Its auburn colour reminds me of falling autumn leaves.

I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Cooking New stories and I’m looking forward to the next exciting topics!
Spend your evening with a nice hot cup of tea and have a scroll through their website:
Check out the Cooking New Stories Facebook Page here:
…and this is their food-filled Instagram:
Check out Rebecca Freeman website –

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