Rebecca's colours & shapes for Who's your mama

Who’s your Mama (Cooknst multi-sensorial feast next Saturday 19th May, at The Baldwin. The event is part of Mixed Sessions, our seasonal pop-up event combining heartfelt food, exquisite drinks, live music, fine art and stories) inspired me to paint a watercolour that ties together motherhood and all the delicious foods that will be included during the evening.

The two hands in the painting belong to my cousin and her son and I have chosen for them to be holding an apple because it has a lot of symbolic associations. In mythology, apples are often a symbol of love and knowledge which I thought blended well with the idea of motherhood. Apples are also linked to temptation because of Adam and Eve, but it is also what we feel when we’re lured in towards the aromas of tasty foods.

In my painting, stems and leaves are coming out of the apple, along with lots of vibrant fruit and vegetables; I wanted to show how wonderful things can blossom when family and love come together.
There are some slices of cucumber, a tomato and an onion, which are the ingredients for the Salta Baladi, an Egyptian salad we will be having at the event. There are also some chick peas which associates with the Kushari which is a meal made of lentils and rice topped with chick peas and pasta.
I have painted some pyramids in the background as a finishing touch!

Talented, productive, inspirational! This is Rebecca Freeman. How lucky we are to have her on our crew!
I wanted to add a splash of Italian to the painting to show the different cultures that are being entwined together at the event, so I have painted some grapes because they relate to wine.
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