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Porridge and Cornflake go to the Park is a little children’s story about two silke chickens who decide to go on an adventure to the park.
During this story, the chickens spot a picnic basket and they do what they can to steal the food, even though some ducks are waiting to chase them!

Rebecca’s handmade book.

Each page is handwritten and adorned with a vibrant watercolour illustration to bring each part of the story to life- you’ll even find a chicken on a swing on the back page as a bonus watercolour!

I have written and illustrated another children’s book The Tale of Porridge and Cornflake which is set during a young girl’s birthday party and the chickens attempt to steal the birthday cake in the kitchen.

The cover of the book.
These books are actually based on a real chicken who was also called Porridge and it once ran into its owner’s house, which is where I first thought of the story idea.
I wrote the book because I’ve always had a passion for illustrating and I’ve always loved the idea of writing and illustrating my own little children’s book.
I wanted to write something based on nature and animals, so I chose to write stories about two silke chickens after visiting a house where they were running around in the garden.
A lot of my inspiration comes from Beatrix Potter’s beautifully delicate watercolours and I have also been inspired by Quentin Blake’s wonderful sketches in Roald Dahl stories.
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