Meet Michelle, a Cooknst very curious eater

First things first, I am not a cook. I am not a baker. I am not a food producer, bartender, or any food expert whatsoever. I am just a gal who just loves her food. I am a curious eater.

I am one of those gross curious eaters. The type of person who thinks, Oh I wonder if this nugget would taste good in my milkshake? Would peanut butter be good on top of this? (The answer is always yes).

I have always been an experimenter of food. Many people tend to cringe at my curiosities, but I am always the believer that if you haven’t tried something you can’t say it is gross.

All the yummy foods I got to try when I was in Russia!
I like combining flavors and trying new things even if they seem a bit odd to others. I am also a US citizen so we tend to like our weird combinations. For instance, placing a crisp on top of an oreo biscuit, mushing and mixing all the things on a roasted dinner together, or dipping the lovely warmth of a nugget into a nice cold milkshake. Stuff like that I usually get the concerned raised eyebrow.

So why am I here blabbing on and on about myself and my love for eating? What is my role to this Cooknst community?

Well, I joined Cooknst as a writer/editor about a few months ago. Some stuff you have been recently reading about has been brought to you by yours truly.
I love writing. I have a couple novels in the works, but that is all hobby. I have never been a writer for any company nor have I ever let my writing be published besides my little weird blog (here), which I am pretty sure my mother is the only one who follows.

I’m snacking down on some Nachos.
So far the best part in participating in the Cooknst community has been getting to interact with local artists and food and drink entrepreneurs. Whenever I visit somewhere or just walk around I am always keeping an eye out for interesting local businesses and appetizing snacks.

It is great to see so many genius ideas and get to know people’s passion for food and drinks!

The challenging part so far is to think of content especially because I know nothing about preparing food, only the eating part and even that some would say is questionable! I am definitely trying my best and hoping to share and explore with every other food lovers out there in Cooknst World!
Daniels burger recipe

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