Food and literature in London by Nara


London is a literary gem. London is also a food lover’s paradise.
So, what more perfect than marrying these two passions of mine and kill two rabbits with one stone?
I am always on the lookout for restaurants and cafes that have even a slight reference to literature. I think it makes most sense. Writers love nothing more than killing time and finding inspiration in cafes.
It wasn’t a surprise to me that since hearing about the Dalloway Terrace I became obsessed with it. From their Instagram account I could have an idea that I would love visiting their restaurant or cocktail bar. Everything looked utterly stunning and that was it: I was seduced already.
The handsome types hanging out by the entrance made me think it was a rather informal bar. It had almost a pub feel to it, so relaxed it seemed. As I got up their stairs and entered the terrace I so longed wanted to see with my own eyes, I was not disappointed.
Even nicer than their Instagram pictures, Dalloway Terrace was so stylish I immediately understood why so many people were there for a single picture. Perhaps this is the price to pay for such stunning interior. An herd of bloggers, Instastars and even normal dinners looking for the best spot to seat.
Stunning interior, perfect for Insta stars.
Even though I wasn’t convinced the staff was happy to have me on my own taking over a table that could have two instead, I was happy to see that Mrs Dalloway was as pretty as I imagined. But as the character in the book, there was a slight hint of pretentiousness in the air. I couldn’t help feeling less looked after than the ones at tables of two, three or four, even if I were there to explore their wine selection, their main, their pudding and let people know about it with my writing.
A bit pretentious, like the character in the book.
I chose cod and chorizo cassoulet and asked for their wine suggestion for the dish. But rather than having the staff attention to this, I was given the wine list. I chose a gorgeous Italian Pinot Grigio which as, I am guessing, from a Northern region due to a clean cutting flavour with hints of pear and bright acidity. I like Pinot Grigio, even if the snobs say no to them.
My cassoulet was too salty. Therefore my wine was crucial to offset the heavy handed seasoning of the vegetables, particularly. I didn’t finish my meal. Maybe I wasn’t hungry enough. Maybe it wasn’t as good as I expected, specially with such elegant dish presentation.
Sadly I was left alone for far too long after finishing my main meal. After precisely twenty five minutes at an empty table, someone came to ask if I would like something sweet. Yes, I would love it all to be sweeter, I thought.
Luckily, I ordered the most sensational chocolate fondant I have ever had. Quite simply, the best!
I finished my wine, paid for a bill that came in a flash and with a cute little edition of Mrs Dalloway that sadly wasn’t a gift for the paying customer, and couldn’t help thinking Virginia would be, like me, looking for a bit more substance.
Mrs Dalloway, however, should be happy with the appearance. The place does look fabulous.

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