Coifs And Purifiers: Purposes And Benefits for Your Kitchen


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen by making it even more functional and planning furniture and decorations that will make up the environment, then it is necessary to structure the place in a way that is very pleasant to spend time in it.

One way to contribute to your innovation in the kitchen is to install appliances that will prevent the accumulation and odour of grease in the environment. That’s when the hoods come in, and the scrubbers! Present in the very modern kitchens, these equipments facilitate the life of home cooking and leave this corner more clean and organised.

However, at the time of choosing many people still have that doubt of the benefits and purposes of these utensils and which is the best option. To get the right purchase, we have separated the characteristics and differences between each one. 


The hood is one of the most efficient equipment for circulation in the kitchen, and even eliminates 90% of the fat odours.

There are two models of hoods, the wall hoods and the island hoods. They can be installed in two different ways, in the exhaust mode, where they expel hot air out of the kitchen and in the purifier mode, where they collect warm, greasy air, filter and return clean air to the environment. 

Coifs are suitable for larger environments and planned kitchens, mainly kitchens in island format. The distinctive design of the hoods can be a super interesting decorative attraction for your kitchen, since there are models of various formats.

An example of an Island hood. Photo credit iAlicante Mediterranean Homes.

That is, for those who require a kitchen that is free of any odour and is modern design, the hood is the right equipment to be purchased!


The debugger is suitable for smaller kitchens and low-use environments, because its shape is more compact. It is responsible for “recycling the air” and returning it cleaner to the environment. Its power is lower when compared to the power of the hoods.

Debuggers removes all the grease from the air, which is attached to a stainless steel grill. The process is less practical and requires constant hygiene so that everything works properly.

For better operation of the appliance, its width must be greater than that of the cooker.

If your kitchen does not have space for installing air outlet pipes or chimneys, the purifier is the perfect option.

For the further details about coifs and purifiers you can visit Raymond-nh.

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