The 10 Most Instagrammed World Foods

Whether you’re planning your next globetrotting trip or simply deciding on what to have for dinner, these are 353 of the world’s most ICONIC foods.  
Using a unique scoring system combining Instagram hashtag data with search volume data from Google AdWords, Gousto has discovered the most popular regional delicacies in each continent (and also the dishes that deserve more recognition!).

The 10 Most Instagrammed World Foods

Between them, the 353 dishes featured in the list had more than 150 million posts tagged on Instagram. We’ve highlighted the top 10 most popular dishes and their regions:

  1. Pizza – New York, USA – 37,900,000 Posts
  2. Hamburger (Texas, USA) – 35,000,000 Posts
  3. Sushi (Tokyo, Japan) – 23,600,000 Posts
  4. Steak (Idaho, USA) – 10,200,000 Posts
  5. Macarons (Paris, France) – 5,000,000 Posts
  6. Pho  (Hanoi, Vietnam) – 2,700,000 Posts
  7. Lamb  (Colorado, USA) – 2,300,000 Posts
  8. Fried Chicken (Mississippi, USA) – 2,100,000 Posts
  9. Pesto (Genoa, Italy) – 1,700,000 Posts
  10. Poke (Hawaii, North America) – 1,500,000 Posts

Dishes from the US feature heavily in the list, with the New York pizza slice topping the list with just under 38 MILLION hashtag mentions. The all-American hamburger takes second place, with a juicy 35 million hashtag mentions.
When it comes to ingredients, it’s interesting to see fish featuring in two out of the 10 most iconic dishes, with Japanese staple Sushi and Hawaiian dish Poke taking 3rd and 10th place respectively.
The seriously Instagram-friendly Macaron was the only sweet treat that made the cut. These pastel-hued delights feature in over 5 million Instagram posts.  

Europe’s Most ICONIC Dishes

Interestingly, European dishes account for 9% of the insta-worthy dishes in the list, it’s clear that Europe is home to some incredible foods, but which ones are the most iconic of all?

Image provided by Gousto.

Top Scoring Asian Dishes

Asian dishes account for over a fifth (22%) of the total dishes on our iconic world food list, but just which of these zingy, fragrant dishes are we insta-snapping before taking a bite?
asian dishes
There are oodles of noodles on this list, with these slurp-tastic dishes taking up 6 positions, but they are pipped to the post by rice dishes with this staple grain featuring in a total of 8 dishes.
Combined, the Asian noodle and rice-based dishes featured account for 20% of the total Instagram hashtags on the list.
With curry being the UK’s favourite home-cooked dish combined with India’s rich and varied cuisine, it was surprising to see it feature only once on the Asian top 20 list.

Most Insta-Snapped South American Dishes

South America’s rich history is echoed by the national dishes on offer. From Peru to Paraguay, we’ve ranked the top 10 most popular South American dishes, according to Instagram.

Image provided by Gousto

Africa’s Most Iconic Dishes

As one of the worlds most diverse continents, it’s no surprise that there are lots of African dishes on our list. Accounting for fewer than 1% of the total Instagram shares on our list, it’s time to shine a light on these regional dishes.
africa map

Oceania’s Most Instagrammed Food

Oceania is one of the most remote yet exciting continents to visit and it’s home to some surprisingly delicious cultural delights. We’ve uncovered the 10 most popular national dishes below.

North America’s 20 Most Insta-Friendly Foods

From a tangy Key Lime Pie in Florida to a juicy grilled Idaho steak, North America accounts for a whopping 63% of the Insta-shares on the list, but which foods are the most iconic…?

Image provided by Gousto

REVEALED: The Continent With The Most Instagram-Worthy Dishes

The list you’ve all been waiting for! Just which continent has the most insta-friendly dishes?

Image provided by Gousto.
North America tops the list with a total of 72 dishes, accounting for two-thirds of the total Instagram posts featured on the list. Asia follows closely behind, accounting for a fifth of all hashtag mentions on the list.

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