Uai Not Bites: How Missing Home Helped a Brazilian Build a Business

There are many ways I define myself when others ask about me. Since I moved to the UK, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is my origin, because I really believe that being from Brazil says a lot about my personality. But, more than being Brazilian, I am from Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil that is known for its culinary inventions.  

Getting all the yummy ingredients!

I grew up around strong women with great cooking skills. My house smelled like fresh baked cakes and coffee, which would constantly spike my hunger. Like most families from Minas, mine uses food as an excuse for everything, and once in the house  – whether you like it or not – you have to eat something.

The delight of baking!
With that background, learning my way around the kitchen was easy, but I never knew my grandma and mother were actually giving me the knowledge I needed to open my own business. 

Moving to the UK was transformative. Getting used to the new weather, language and the side to look when crossing the road. It was overwhelming, and feeling homesick became a natural state.

Cooking started to be a great coping mechanism and since I would cook traditional recipes, I started sharing it with my Brazilian friends. 

The perfect bite!
Uai Not Bites was born as a result of my friends’ daily messages asking for new batches of cheese breads. Their support gave me the energy I needed to take the risk and carry on. And to every doubt I have, I ask myself: Uai (why) not?!

To get a taste of Sallem Evangelista and her wonderful business go to her Facebook page or follow her @uainot.bites.
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