How Judith's Skiing Discovery Developed into National Award Winning Kin Toffee Vodka


I discovered Toffee Vodka whilst doing a massive passion of mine, skiing in the French Alps, and I loved it. Being a farmer’s daughter it was natural for me to try and make/produce food and drinks. I’d always baked, cooked, preserved and bottled so this was just another opportunity. 

I was passionate about the product to start with as it’s made to my taste. That’s why it’s a slightly strange abv of 20.3% because once I perfected my recipe I said, that’s it and sent it off to get measured. 

For about 7 years I made it just for myself, friends and family. It wasn’t until someone asked if they could buy a bottle that the idea of forming Kin Toffee Vodka was born.

Judith the creator and founder of Kin Toffee Vodka

The Beginning of a Business

I started trading in December 2013 as a sole trader then incorporated in October 2014. I have always been based at my home, I am very lucky to have lots of outbuildings which I have inhabited so I didn’t need to encroach on home kitchen space for production. I live and our base is Newby Bridge in Cumbria, where my husband and I have lived for 33 years but his family have been here for nearly 200 years!

Shot glass + miniature pack

The biggest achievements are that people love it! Having it stocked in over 250 stores, local and national and we get constantly good feedback from the 250+ events we attend each year (with like minded promotions tams who we work closely with). 

It’s really the best feeling when someone contacts you on social media to say they bought a bottle and love it. 

We also won awards one in particular The Rural Business Award in 2018 was great because it was about the whole picture, not just the product and not just me.

Our biggest difficulty was being flooded at home and business in 2009 Storm Desmond – we were completely underwater but got our wellies on and never missed an order. We did take 6 months to dry out and sort things, but never let anyone down. 

Tips on How to Enjoy Kin Toffee Vodka

I love it straight but have developed cocktails and pudding cards for people to take home/ get off the website. It’s great with any sort of apple juice (toffee apple) or a summer fave is with Limoncello and Prosecco – makes lemon sherbert (v naughty). It’s lovely in hot chocolate and also over ice cream. See all the mixes you can do here.

The helpful mixology card is in the back

Kin Vodka’s Future

When I started out (once I’d given up the day job) I set an aim for Kin Toffee Vodka to be recognised in the North West – I’m very happy to be represented all over this area but also UK wide. 

We have a good blue print for what we do and I aim to grow sustainability in a similar way, developing the retail/gifts elements but not doing any other flavours! I will aim to keep having fun, providing employment and contribute to our rural economy and of course to ski as much as possible.

To get a taste and order your own bottle of Judith’s Kin Toffee Vodka visit their website here: Kin Toffee Vodka.

To see all their events they visit and tips on how to enjoy it go and follow their social media: 

Instagram: @kin_vodka Twitter: @Kinvodka Facebook: @kintoffeevodka

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