Luciana Berry

A Brazilian chef in the UK

Luciana Berry’s mission as a chef in the UK is to showcase the exotic flavours and ingredients that are integral to Brazilian cuisine. She is an Ambassador of Brazilian cuisine and culture in UK. Mixing modern and classic cooking techniques to deliver impressive yet subtle tastes from a country which until now few other chefs have successfully exploited. Luciana travels to many countries with Brazilian Fruit Association to the biggest Fruit Shows in the world to showcase the best Brazilian tropical fruits. Along promoting Brazilian fruits, ingredients and culture in shows and tv programmes Luciana runs a very successful catering and events company since 2008. She also designs menus for restaurants and help restaurants to promote their venues doing Supper clubs. She also writes recipes for a magazine. 


The Masterchef Experience

I decided to compete in UK Masterchef the Professionals immediately after I finished my degree at Le Corden Bleu. I felt very strong because I was able to cook with anything that was in front of me. It was something that people thought, Luciana you crazy, how can you apply when you haven’t even worked in Michelin restaurants, you don’t have much experience. But I was feeling confident! I really wanted to show what I was made of and represent the school that gave me a lot of power to feel that I could compete.
For Luciana, creativity is one of the most important factors when recreating Brazilian dishes. By experimenting with a range of ingredients, textures and tastes, she is able to offer new and exciting dishes to suit all her clients’ needs. 
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