Egyptian and Swedish flavours

Who is your Mama?

May 2018

Blessed by life, beauty, aromas and tastes from the kitchen, Cooking New Stories, chef Mostafa Hussien, the renowned jazz Swedish vocalist Emilia Martensson got together to celebrate the infinite power of motherhood.

Inspired by Martensson’s most recent album, Loredana, we crossed worlds and connected the motherly ties from four different heritages for a bespoke event named Who is your Mama?

London based, Loredana is Martensson’s fourth album. The LP is a beautifully introspective journey through the adversity and wilderness of the term ‘Mother’.

Celebrating the infinite interpretations around the ‘mother – child relationship’, the project was initially inspired by four specific questions Emilia asked her audience:

> Describe your mother with one word.
> What is the main thing you feel your mother has taught you/best advice she has given you?
> Is there anything you feel you regret in terms of your relationship to your mother?
> Do you have a specific memory of you and your mother or a story about your mother you would like to share?

All day celebration

Who is your Mama? started early in the afternoon with a vocal workshop led by Emilia for a group of aspiring singers and musicians. Chef Mostafa (Amba Hotel, Pear Tree Cafe ) prepared a communal relaxed lunch enjoyed under a warm spring day at the cosy garden. 

Lunch for the singing crowd

Falafel, fries, hummus and salads

Chef Mostafa Hussien

Fresh bread

The evening event

We had live music performance by Emilia Martensson and Trio: 

Emilia Martensson – vocals | Luca Boscagin – guitar | Sam Lasserson – bass | Adriano Adewale – percussions


  • Molokhya (Jew’s mallow) | Green soup served with freshly homemade bread
  • Salta Baladi (Salad) | Lightly dressed dices of cucumber, tomato and mixed leaf
  • Kushari (V) | Braised mixture of lentils and rice topped with chickpeas and a tiny bit of pasta or
  • Baked meat loaf Served with mum’s pilaf rice and braised seasonal vegetables
  • Zalabia with icing sugar Dusted beignets



Surprise dance performance

Carolina Adewale

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