Capitolina books bespoke launch

Capitu comes to London

October 2017

I’ve always had a dream of one day opening a bookshop and filling its shelves with the best literature Brazil has to offer. Over the years this dream became a reality, and after months of hard work getting my online shop up and running and searching for authors I could be proud to represent,  Capitolina Books was born.

All we needed now was a party to celebrate our success and launch Capitolina into the world!

A truly Brazilian celebration

I got in touch with Cooking New Stories founder Daniela Paiva, and together we began to design Capitolia’s inaugural event, which we titled Capitu Comes to London, inspired by the classical romance novel Dom Casmurro, written by Machado de Assis in 1899.

Even though we were expecting a good turn-out, I never could have imagined quite how unbelievably magical and well received the launch night would be. From the generosity of Denison Smith, who hosted us at  The Baldwin Gallery,  to the enchanting voice of Cecilia Stalin and the talent of cook Janaína Campoy who served us an incredibly delicious feijoada, the night was tremendous and exceeded all my expectations!

And just like that, surrounded by a beautiful crowd, gracious readings by gifted authors, and of course, the excellent event orchestration by Daniela, Capitolina Books felt very real!

Today, Capitolia continues to sell complex and inspiring literature and celebrate Brazilian authors… How special is that?

Thank you Cooking New Stories for making our celebration a one of a kind!

P.S. I will always remember having to make such a hard choice between the two types of specially designed G&T’s Daniela offered, Capitu and Bentinho. They were both so good and I never could decide which to have, so I had both!

P.S. I will always cherish the hard choice between the two types of G&T: Capitu and Bentinho. Which one to choose? I had both. Can’t decide.

Photos by the amazing Ju Carnelos

Exclusive cocktails for the evening

Capitu & Bentinho

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