Our Newest Obsession: The Food Almanac

The Author:

Miranda York founded At The Table, a  creative platform that explores and celebrates British food culture by curating events and products, producing an independent magazine and podcast, and promoting conversation.

Recipes & Stories for a Year at the Table

We’ve been filling up the empty space that the loss of restaurants over the last year has had on us with as much culinary inspiration as possible, and while we might not be able to go out and feast with our friends, we can certainly read and dream! Our new obsession is this lovely book by Author Miranda York: The Food Almanac: Recipes and Stories for a Year at the Table.

The Food Almanac is a beautifully curated collection of articles, recipes, ideas and tips brought to life with illustrations by Louise Sheeran. Each of the book’s sections are divided by the year’s months, highlighting seasonal menus, reading lists, poems and short stories by some of the most up-and-coming players in the culinary industry.

Contributors include the likes of Chefs, Zoe Adjonyoh, José Pizarro and Yoham Ottolenghi, poets, novelists, food writers such as Anna Sulan Masing and Felicity Cloake and many more.

March has been feeling significantly transitional this year with the lessening of lockdown on the horizon paired with daffodils reaching out through the soil and the longer days giving way for joyful warm evenings. With March The Food Almanac brings us a spread to match the poignant nature of the moment:

Tales of larder spring onions, wild garlic, sea kale, purple sprouting broccoli and a magnificent menu by Anna Jones to match: wild garlic and lentil soup to warm the belly on hazy nights and exciting crushed new potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli followed by a dessert of magical blood orange cream and luxurious lemon and cardamom upside-down cake. We couldn’t ask for more!

If like us, you are yearning for some fresh inspiration, look no farther because this book is perfect for you!

Pick up a copy:

Price:  £16.99

We found our copy of The Food Almanac at The Table Cafe in Bermondsey, but if you’re not in the area, support your local bookstore by seeing if they have it in stock or click here to buy via At The Table.