Capitu comes to london

An evening of sensory delight! We threw an intimate dinner party to launch award winning Brazilian author Nara Vidal’s new online bookshop Capitolina Books. 

Food and drinks were provided by Janaína Campoy, a passionate cook and cocktail expert. She designed a menu based on Dom Casmurro, a classical Brazilian novel written by iconic author Machado de Assis, a reference that inspired Capitolina Books name. The nights programme included readings by authors whose books are available at Capitolina Books and a live performance by the acclaimed London based Swedish singer Cecilia Stalin  – sold out at Ronnie Scott’s – and founder of The Fika Session.

The event was a great networking opportunity for authors and readers to exchange ideas and support each other, and the artwork at The Baldwin gallery was a great conversation starter.

Hearty food, contemporary authors and live music

A truly Brazilian event exceeding expectations with great turn-out and vibrant atmosphere

Marketing professional and passionate cook living abroad for many years, Janaína connected with her homeland Brazil through cooking for her family and hosting dinner for new friends. She has worked with supper clubs and private events in London 


Janaína Campoy has been collaborating with Cooking New Stories since day 1!

Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1974, Nara has lived in the UK since 2001 where she writes for various publications. Her fiction work includes short stories, novels and children’s literature. She is the owner of Capitolina Books


Nara Vidal has won prestigious awards in literature and has published books around the world!

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Stalin’s breakthru came with Nu Jazz act Koop “Waltz For Koop” ft on Woody Allen’s “Match Point” film soundtrack. Cecilia has done previous live shows with The Streets, Alicia Dixon, Cinematic Orchestra, Omar, recording collabs with Jazzanova’s Alex Bark, Bugz In The Attic’s Daz-I-Kue, Max Factor & has had music out on labels such as Compost, Wagram, Jazz FM & Universal Music. Cecilia has released several releases throughout her 15 years


Cecilia Stalin is passionate about Brazilian music and culture and loves to perform in Brazil when she can

‘Feijoada’ is a national dish in Brazil made with black beans, sausage and smoked pork.


‘Feijoada’ was served accompanied with typical sides, rice and kale

The book that brings to life the iconic characters Bentinho and Capitu has many reference to Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice)’s Shakespeare play. 


There were two types of Gin & Tonic named Bentinho and Capitu, with different flavours

We had writers coming from Italy especially to give a voice to their characters and stories

Music and reading

The programme had live music combined with books authors’ doing readings from their work

The Baldwin was located in a victorian house, in Blackheath

Private exhibition

Guests had a special tour with author and curator Dennison Smith

Every detail was planned to help people to connect in a welcoming space that brings a homely feeling, as if this dinner was happening at an old friend’s home

Sharing meal

Dinner was served communally in a large wooden bowls

Do Rio Pra Cá shares tips, cultural aspects and every day impressions about living abroad based on the perspective of six Brazilian writers


Nara Vidal and Sonaira D’Avila, from the travelling blog Do Rio Pra Cá

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