summer of freedom

Inspired by Nina Miranda‘s new album ‘Freedom of Movement’, we created an evening to celebrate diversity, liberty, cultural exchange… and THE POWER OF NEW CONNECTIONS.

Our super star host of the kitchen Janaína Campoy has brought light and joy to the menu of our supper clubs, named Mixed Sessions. She expressed her personal interpretation for Nina’s album Freedom of Movement with a gorgeous Spanish meal, including gaspacho, grilled asparagus with jamón, prawn rice with saffron and vanilla ice cream with orange syrup.


Janaína Campoy introduces the seasonal based menu

Brazil and London, tropical, pop and trip hop sounds, visual arts and music. As a singer, she is know for bands such as Smoke City (with the hit ‘Underwater Love’ pushed to stardoom by Michael Gondry’s Levi’s advert in 1997), Shrift and Zeep. Crossing genres and blending them into an unique vibrant and soft sound, she collaborated with a variety of artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Basement Jaxx, Bebel Gilberto, Jah Wobble, Nação Zumbi, Baaba Maal, Troubleman, Seu Jorge & Gilles Peterson.

Singer and songwriter

Nina Miranda’s improvising style invites guests to take part

Nina was accompanied by Antony Elvin in a performance that had many surprises spiced up by a bit of humour. When sharing the stage, Antony and Nina very often improvise with what is happening at that moment – it might be an inspiration from their personal lives, or even from something going on during the show!


Antony Elvin was Nina’s perfect musical “co-pilot”

Sensorial journey

The evening kicked off with jars of sangria and bowls of patatas bravas, asparagus with jamón and fresh gaspacho, warming up the crowd at The Baldwin for Nina Miranda and Antony Elvin joyful performance. Guests were invited to sing along and to play with instruments and sounds.

On the background, David Ellingsen’s work. Elligsen is an environmentalist artist and archivist. This work is part of Anthropocene series, inspired by the proposed renaming of our current geological epoch, based on global evidence that Earth’s natural systems have been irrevocably altered by human activity.  Ellingsen’s transmuted skeletal remains, adrift on a black background, are both a warning and a rendering of hope.


The Baldwin, home of curator and author Dennison Smith

Do you like to dress up for supper clubs? We do! It’s all part of the good party vibe and we encourage you… to be you!


Janaína’s high heels – because we cook in style 😉

Smith’s work has been featured at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; the Burke Museum, Seattle; and Ontario’s McMichael Gallery. Public works include the City of Vancouver’s ‘Spirit Bears in the City’ project and two major installations for the Vancouver International Airport.


Antony Elvin’s guitar with Steve Smith’s artwork on the back

For this special edition of the Mixed Sessions supper club, Janaína brought saffron, typical spice that gives flavours to the traditional paellas, straight from Spain


Prawn rice with authentic Saffron by Janaína Campoy

Sangria is a punch that can be made with any type of wine, even though traditionally the drink is made with red wine and other ingredients. Janaína’s take combines acidity, saltiness and sweetness


We lost count of the jars of sangria requested by the crowd

Guests were invited to join in, sing along, play and participate on a collaborative environment


The audience got into the musical mood and joined in for performances of they own!

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