Hosted at the stunning House of Transformation  in Shoreditch, Eat & Arts Fest: Under the Sea explored the tantalising flavours, colours and sounds of the Ocean.

Inspired by The Serpentine Pavillion’s Radical Kitchen Project in 2018 (watch the video here), guests were encouraged to learn about how to enjoy seafood in sustainable and cruelty-free ways through a diverse and creative home made menu. Guests experienced a bespoke relaxing soundtrack, especially designed by Brazilian DJ AmarAll which explored his own memories of the sea and made an interactive collaborative artwork alongside painter and performance artist Cara Mathia Brennan.

Under the Sea donated 10% of all profits made from ticket sales and proceeds of the future sale of the Under the Sea  group art project to the The Ocean Clean Up .

The tantalising flavours, colours and sounds of the ocean…


As a special treat, guests were invited to take a Suyaman Zobo & Kakao ale home with them!

House of Transformation is a community event and work space located in East London that is dedicated to hosting transformational events and developing regenerative projects and places.


The warm and welcoming vibe at House of Transformation made the night truly special.


Fresh home-made gnocchi was on the menu.


Misozuke scallops resting in a salad bed.

Aged in charred oak, steeped in Arbigland sourced seaweed and lightly spiced, this complex flavoured rum has beautiful maritime salty notes.


Exquisite seaweed steeped rum provided by our sponsor, John Paul Jones Lowland Rum.


Guests snacked on freshly made tapioca pearl crackers…


The collaborative group art project in the making!


Brazilian beauty blogger Thaylise Ferreira joined us for the festivities.


Conversations and connections…

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