who is your mama?

Blessed by life, by beauty, by the aromas and tastes of the kitchen, we came together to celebrate HER infinity in us. Inspired by Emilia Martensson most recent album ‘Loredana’, we crossed worlds and connected the motherly ties from four cultures.

Who is your Mama? welcomed Emilia Martensson’s vocal students for a workshop during the day at The Baldwin . The programme included a communal meal provided by Chef Mostafa Hussien (Pear Tree Cafe, Amba Hotel Charing Cross). The menu had falafel, homemade chips, aubergine, salad, homemade bread and tahini sauce. 

For the evening supper club, Emilia was accompanied by Luca Boscagin (guitar) and Adriano Adewale (percussion). The set list was based on her album and guests were surprised with an improvising performance by dancer Carolina Adewale.

The menu created by Chef Mostafa Hussien brings back his childhood memories, when he would recognise his mum’s cooking by the distinguished smell that would fill the entire building where the family flat was. The evening started with this favourite, Molokhya.

The Baldwin represents contemporary artists and specialising in Canadian First Nations art and international environmental art, they curate, procure and consult for museums, cultural institutions, arts organizations and collectors in the UK and abroad.

Artwork at The Baldwin

Works from Steve Smith, Tim Shaw and Meryl McMaster

Chef Mostafa Hussien prepared a lunch for students who attended a vocal workshop during the day. The meal had falafel, homemade chips, aubergine, salad, homemade bread and, of course, tahini sauce.


Mostafa Hussien prepared a communal meal for the students

A communal was included on the ticket price for the vocal students, which was enjoyed on the backyard on a sunny spring day.


Relaxed lunch at The Baldwin’s beautiful garden

Mostafa prepared a hearty meal for the day, with salads, handmade falafels and handcut chips.

Fresh food

All dishes were authentically prepared by Chef Mostafa

Carolina Adewale specializes in contemporary dance and Brazilian folk dances and is a choreographer and movement director. She works as an independent artist and has performed with prestigious classical and contemporary dance companies.

Special performance

Carolina Adewale improvised during the set

This was the second time that Emilia has performed in one of our Mixed Sessions supper club. The first time was on December 2017 for the event Winter Delight.

Live Music

Great joy to have Emilia and Luca back to a delicious evening

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