was when I was on MasterChef, I’d had a torrid round working in a professional kitchen and was probably, in the minds of John and Greg, highlighted as the next person to go. My next task, was an invention test and the guest judge was Marcus Wareing. There were six contestants in the round and I was the last one to present my dish. All of the other five contestants had been severely pulled apart. It was quite a nerve racking experience. I’d made an apple and almond treacle tart, with sous vide apple, almond brittle and Chantilly cream. As the judges starting eating there was complete silence. Marcus suddenly looked up at me “Do you know why we’re so quiet Robert” and I just said “No” and he said “Because this just so delicious”. I won the round and went through into the semi-finals.


blackpool supper clubs

Robert Austin recently moved to Blackpool and is currently renovating his home, which will be a venue  for his upcoming supper clubs and culinary adventures. You can find him on @austintatiousrob on instagram or by emailing him at