Mindfulness and favourites 

Pottery also turned out to be the best therapy I could have ever found. It’s a pleasure and brings me to the moment, it teaches me patience and it introduces me to incredible inspiring people. The dream is to be able to create products that mix clay and other materials that make your home feel nicer to live in!

The weirdest food I’ve ever eaten is a lotus see soup in China. It looked like a Brazilian bean stew (feijoada) but was actually very sweet and had a “flowery” taste/smell.


Get in touch

Currently I am working on setting up my brand on the online space. Untill now I have only traded in person, in local markets, through personal networking, but the pandemic made me see that I needed to take opportunity of the online space. So currently I have setup a shop in Etsy but the goal is to develop a more personalised solution to reach my audience. I would also love to get more involved in making videos and finding a way to link this to my brand. 

On my Etsy page you will find my beautiful ceramic pieces, they are mostly tableware but I also do decorative pieces as vases and lampshades. 

If you are interested in getting to know more about my work, maybe work in a collaboration, or even get some pieces commissioned for your shop or restaurant get in touch and I will love to brainstorm and discuss!