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A UK Masterchef Semi-Finalist's Honest Brazilian Cooking

UK My story is a bit different from other chefs, in that growing up I never had a dream to be a chef. Actually it was the opposite, I wanted to do electric engineering in Brazil. It wasn’t until I moved to England around 15 years ago and started missing my family’s Brazilian food that I

Colours to bring beauty to the taste

UK I’ve always been, let’s say, a colourful person. Colours represent a lot of my optimistic and full of energy nature. And I find ways to express this in my cooking and hosting dinner parties without losing sight of elegancy. My plates, for example, are ceramic white with cute dancing skulls on the side, reflecting

A trip to Brazil's memorable tastes with Arca do Gosto

Brazil Information on endangered animals is common in the media. The jaguar, the humpback whale and the collared anteater are among the many species that are in danger of disappearing. However, the existential fragility of the entire ecosystems is still little discussed. All the biodiversity of different ecosystems is threatened and, within them, ingredients that