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An American Chef's Passion for Fusing Foods and Flavors

USA At a young age my family opened me to a wide variety of foods. Whether it was orange roughy or gar couvillion, we were exposed to exotic foods early on. Food was special for us. I remember when my father and I would make omelettes. It was the first time that my father and

A UK Masterchef Semi-Finalist's Honest Brazilian Cooking

UK My story is a bit different from other chefs, in that growing up I never had a dream to be a chef. Actually it was the opposite, I wanted to do electric engineering in Brazil. It wasn’t until I moved to England around 15 years ago and started missing my family’s Brazilian food that I

We've got a new cool neighbour: Foode

OUK Hi, my name is Tito. I am the founder and CEO of Foode. Foode is a food sales platform that allows you to buy homemade meals from talented chefs in your local area.  All chefs on Foode have one thing in common, their love for creating delicious food from scratch using fresh ingredients. Every