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Charlie's Tasty Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cake

When I asked Charlie if he would like to have another go at a recipe he said, “ooo yes please!” I suggested it should be a sweet dish which his reply was chocolate cake! I should have guessed as chocolate cake is his favourite.  Just like his previous recipe of the Gluten Free Bolognese he

A Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe that is Guaranteed to Make Everyone Drool!

UK I’m Jordane, 25, from Norfolk. I have six house rabbits, work at a rabbit rescue, and in my spare time I do photography. I have been vegan for five years and baking for four. I started baking cakes when I realised that there were no good ones you could easily buy in shops (totally

Heaven for Ronia is called Brigadeiro, and it has Guinness

Málaga, Spain Brigadeiro is a typical Brazilian sweet, a cross between chocolate truffle and fudge. The traditional recipe mix up condensed milk, cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles. But there are lots of extra ingredients you can use to create several flavours. Mandatory presence at birthday party in Brazil, the brigadeiro has been gaining the world

Chocolate truffles meditation

Barcelona I met Dani during a housing exchange. As she is alive, awake, and talkative, we began telling each other about our ideas and projects. Soon we found that we shared the common belief of creating a locally made product with passion and love that can contribute to the movement of the world.   At