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How to not get puzzled and order coffee in Malaga

Malaga The capital of Andalusian has a peculiar way to order a coffee. A mitad (half and half), a cortado (short), a nube (cloud), a sombra (shadow), and more five varieties which delight coffee lovers everyday in Malaga and other cities along Costa del Sol. The measuring system is a certain proportion of milk and

Talking about the coffee culture in Australia

Australia The coffee culture here is different from ours since Australians drink less black coffee, and more Cappuccinos, Flat Whites, and Lattes – the ones responsible for huge queues at the coffee shops every day! The coffee here is serious stuff! Here, the coffee shops usually open between 5 or 6 in the morning and

Keep calm and drink champagne before coffee

Munich The culture of coffee shops – or cafés – goes beyond French borders and is becoming a universal thing. Pass by a coffee shop and look around. Everything is happening: a dating begins, another ends, deals are closed, deals are broken. There are people who laugh, smile, cry, shut up or watch all this!